Baby Food Maker Blender 20 pieces

Product details of Baby Food Maker Blender 20 pieces

  • Save TIME and MONEY by making the freshest baby food possible
  • Make and  Store up to a week's woth of natural healty baby food
  • Dial system on storage cup display the shelf life
  • Safe and Easy to use
  • FEATURES: Create  fresh and natural baby  food in seconds
  • High-power base blends and  purees any type of food in seconds
  • Included bullets cups feature  built-in date maker
  • Bullet tray makes freezing and storing all your natural foods easy
  • Dishwasher safe cups, easy to clean.
Babies are very picky when it comes to food. They have this very keen taste that parents aims to please them. It's like a fun mystery game of which food is the best for your baby this week/month. Yup, that is right! babies swings out their tastes from time to time. They can hate such food today but will love it the next few days and vice versa. They are not easy to please (mind you) but one thing is for sure, when they have that bright smile during the meal, then they absolutely want that FOOD you prepared. With this machine, we are confident that you'd be able to try out various certain baby food recipes in a much lesser time, effort and money.