Electric Peanut Butter Maker Squeezer

For the love of homemade peanut butter! I know a lot of you are also a fan of this rich spread but making it in the comfort of your home is another story to be delighted about.   If you are a fan of healthy meals, then you are one of the lucky individuals who will enjoy this all-new Electric Peanut Butter Maker Squeezer. Enjoy tasty peanut butter spread from fresh nuts (Any variation), add sweeteners and spices of your choice like honey, chocolate, sugar, cinnamon and salt! You are your own boss! ;)

Product Details:
  • Fresh Homemade Peanut Butter
  • Easy to use
  • Controlled usage of oil
  • Healthier choice
Price: ₱ 2,899.99
Before ₱ 5,699.99, You save 49%