5 Ways To Stand Out In College by John Robert Powers

So, you want to make most of college by leaving a good mark? Follow these steps to get noticed, in a good way, in the college world.

Credits: John Robert Powers

2. Step-up your communication skills

"Memorize a few ice-breakers so you can make friends easily – this is crucial if you want to build a supportive network around you. Don’t just communicate socially, but also contribute intelligently in class and group discussions. Dedicate a chunk of your time at college to public speaking, as this will set you up for later challenges. Embrace any opportunity to speak in public, and join a debating society if you can!"

3. Don’t be a spectator…get involved!

"To be a standout, you have to step out of the shadows. Participate actively in everything that interests you, from clubs and societies to sports and events. Even try activities that you’re not sure about – you’ll never know until you try. It’s also a great way to meet people, even if you don’t discover a new talent! Volunteering, whether at college or in the local community, will also show you’re a strong and capable character."

4. Become a leader

"One of the best things you can do to get noticed at college is to run for a position in the student government. Your face and name will be plastered about campus for a few weeks, guaranteeing people will recognize you. But this is not a popularity contest but an opportunity to show responsibility and commitment. If you win, getting involved with the decision-making on campus will earn other students and the faculty’s respect and admiration. This achievement will look great on your CV as well."

5. Be friendly and approachable

"If you want to stand out at college, it has to be for the right reasons. Yes, you may make a lot of new friends, but don’t let your ego run away with you. Stay loyal and within reach of long-standing friends, and reach out to others who are shy or isolated. Be diplomatic and positive when you encounter issues, and you will soon build a reputation as a friendly, approachable and loyal peer.

"Studies have shown that your brain is developing up until age 25 and beyond. You still have time to hone a superb personality, so make the most of college and really make an impact!"