6 Types of People You'll Find at Your University

One best thing you could do when you're battling with boredom is to look around and observe. When I'm on my daily commute, sometimes I just can't help but classify the people around. And guess what I have stumbled upon -- a wide range of stereotypes. Especially here in Manila. I don't mean to judge, because I for one admit that I'm one of the exhibits listed below. 

2. YA stuff geek

They've watched every known episode of Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, read every book of Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, and who knows what. They have the bragging rights of knowing these legendary works of art before it became popular, and feels a strong power of fulfillment explaining its background story when a non YA stuff geek gets interested about it (I know the feeling because I'm a geek too). 

3. The Face of The News Feed

Now, these creatures are somewhat annoying (no offense). We commonly see them -- as well as their new stuff, their food, their faces "#nofilter" -- on all of our feeds, starting from Facebook to Instagram. They have the constant need of uploading a photo 24/7 and makes sure you're gonna see all of it. But yeah, we don't care.

4. The Wild & Free

In the midst of a excruciating school night of studying your finals, these fellows are getting most of their teens and sowing wild oats. For them teenage years are only a matter of time, so why not go to clubs and drink hard every other night instead of studying for the future? I don't know, go ask them! Some also went to the next level and inhaled "plants" and chemicals if you know what I mean.

5. The Future Focused

School is everything to them. They exist in different kinds of organizations, and if they're not studying, then they're probably tutoring other Future Focused students.In fact, this exhibit falls into two categories: the helping hand and the greedy one. The greedy one is super competitive that a slight glance at their paper is a no-no.

6. The Average Joe

These people are a combination of 3 or more of the classifications above. They could adjust to different social groups, and considered as just the "normal" teen. We can conclude they're easy to go along with, because they seem like to adapt the world surrounding them. They are not judgmental and great to be around.