There’s a different approach to enjoy nature at its best, and Agusan Marsh is one you should check. It is a vast complex of freshwater swamp forests covering 110,000 hectares. The Marshland acts like a sponge as it is nestled in the midwaters of the Agusan River. It is one of the most ecologically significant wetland ecosystem in the Philippines and probably the largest wetland in Asia. Agusan Marsh is a wildlife sanctuary with great natural beauty. It is where you can experience a mind-blowing waterscape that you wish would never end. It is a kind of life so different from the life we all know. Here, the warmest surroundings, the fresh air and green aura makes you feel good about yourself. A state of tranquility that can nowhere to be found but just here. 

If you’re a person who loves to embrace the beauty of nature, Agusan Marsh suits for you!