Balut is a Must!

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One of the finest delicacy local food in the Philippines is the “Balut” these are fertilized duck embryo that is boiled for an hour and eaten with a little salt and vinegar during midnights or basically anytime of the day. Typically the preparation of it takes 16-18 days and is incubated all through out. 

Many tourist find it weirdest and strange at all even myself, I have to be honest I rarely eat this kind of food. Maybe the appearance of it makes an impression, you might think “what is this”. 

That’s usually the comments of the first time eater. But once you’ve tried it for sure you will be addicted to it.

Balut’s are usually seen on the sidewalks, bus stops, plaza, road corners and somehow they will come to your house just to drop by. Lucky are those who are in the streets having some alcoholic drinks, it will served as side dish for them. But beware of the high protein and calories of it.

What makes it interesting is that you can eat it with your bare hands, from peeling the shell up to eating it, inch by inch. Totally a new adventure to look forward to.