Barong Tagalog is an upper garment known as formal menís wear and is considered the national dress of the Philippines. It has evolved throughout the centuries and the meaning behind the dress too. The special features of the Barong Tagalog remained untouched, it is still thin and transparent mostly worn with undershirt. The past Presidents of the Philippines makes a remarkable statement of this dress. It became their attire for the rest of the terms. Today, in lowland Christian Filipino Culture it is common as formal attire, especially at the weddings. More so, it has occasionally been feminized and worn by women.


The meaning of the name "Barong Tagalog"

  'Baro'        = word for 'dress' 
  'Barong'    = means 'dress of'
  'Baro ng Tagalog'  = 'dress of the Tagalog'