Be Enchanted - The Wonders of Enchanted River

The Clear Blue Waters

Nothing is more enchanting than Hinatuan Enchanted River. This beautiful and spectacular clear water of a river is all so popular which became one of the favorite tourist attractions in the Philippines. It is located in Barangay Talisay, Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur. If you want to go for extreme exploration then this is the right place to unwind, because you cannot only swim and play with the fishes but you also got to experience the mysterious beauty this river has to offer. 

This legendary river is said to be discovered just recently and no one, I mean no one knows where the water came from. You can see clearly the deepest part of the river as well as the underwater cave which by the way divers are dying to explore. Its water also changes color and temperature which is really really cool if you ask me.

What makes it even magical?

At exactly 12 noon the caretaker rings this bell which signals every one to get off from the river as it is the fishes' feeding time. The best part? You get to see how this all happens; during this time the "Hinatuan hymn" is being played and out of nowhere a massive group of various kind of fishes appears on the river's mouth as the caretaker throw in some food scraps. The fishes looks extremely beautiful as their colors pops out due to the sunlight. Sounds very magical and mystical huh? But that's not all, it seems like they really know when and where they should get out because after the feeding time, the fishes then slowly gets back on a hiding.

Despite the mysterious story behind this majestic river, a lot of people truly enjoys the river's company, and I bet you too will!