Black Cat Legend

In the Philippines when a Black Cat crosses your path it serves as a bad omen. Nothing but purely negative is what it signifies. But thereís other story behind it, Philippines Black Cat Legend gives somewhat a moral lesson. 

A very long time ago, somewhere in a village, there was this boy that had a very dark skin. People noticed when the boy had arrived, a lot of trouble and bad happenings going around in their town. One of it is that, most of the villagers lost their belongings. It kind of alarmed them knowing that they knew nothing about the boy. The village dweller grew tired of the boyís actions, so they decided to gather together and punish the boy.

They cast a spell on him and make him crawl as sign he would beg for forgiveness for all things he have done. For the villagers to know that the spell had work, the boy had to be unsightly and would carry the stigma of being a bad luck charm. A few days after the spell, the people started to noticed a black cat walking around the village, and everyone knew that saw it, would shooed the black cat off.

Thatís how the story goes on black cat in the Philippines. Many of the untold legends have stories like this and itís interesting to know that such myths do exist in this manner.