My Kitchen is Ready - Kitchen Ware Deals!

Do you think you're ready for the holiday season? Christmas day and New year's day are one of the biggest and most special days of the year as it commemorates togetherness, family, gift-giving, kindness, abundance and of course food bash! How exciting can it be to prepare your family's favorite dishes on your kitchen with new kitchen wares and utensils right? The greatest deals offered on those items you've been eyeing for online or even to your local grocery malls are just fascinating. To top it all off SALE is every where! :D Check out these amazing kitchen ware sets and dinnerware deals in Lazada! They also offer Cash on delivery and free shipping on selected items nationwide.  

Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

Clean car, depicts your personality. As what they've always say: "Your car can say a lot about you". Keep your car interior tidy at all times with the help of a Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner. This machine is capable of helping you get rid of any dirt or dust that's accumulated in your car. Super easy to use and clean. Handy and super affordable!


Laptop/notebook or netbook, is a portable PC with a keyboard attached to its clamshell. It is designed with a thin LCD or LED computer screen which can be opened and shut for usage. Various designs, different price range but what's crucial is how it can be handy in your own lifestyle and budget. Shop wisely!

Guitars - Music To My Ears

Known as a fretted string instrument, guitars are musical instruments designed with four to 18 strings but usually in 6 strings depending on its type. It produces acoustic music in a hollow wooden or plastic and wood box or can be through electrical amplifier and a speaker. Guitars are played by strumming or plucking the strings using the fingers or with the help of a pick .

Fast Inflatable Camping Banana Bed

Feel comfortable everywhere you go, hiking? camping? There's actually no easier way to prepare a relaxing bed but with an inflatable bad right? ;) Easy to carry, large color variations and easy to prepare. Featuring the Fast Inflatable Camping Banana Bed!
  • Fast Inflatable Camping Banana
  • Sleeping Bed
  • Compact
  • Light weight

Price: ₱ 249.00
Before ₱ 999.00, You save 75%