Calauit Safari Park, Palawan

Where to this summer? Are you thinking of flying out to Africa to go on a safari yet you have no budget for it? I feel you! But what if I tell you that here in the Philippines, there is this place place where you can enjoy the feel of African country - Safari experience.

Calauit Safari Park is once a residential area/island in Palawan before it became a safe haven for giraffes, zebras, antelopes and other safari animals here in the Philippines. Since 1970s this island started to build a surreal environment for these animals, but the sad part is, today the number of animals living in the said island has already been decreasing and some species are already gone. The 3,700 hectare island is still the best place to explore and enjoy the presence of African animals here in the Philippines. Although local workers for this park are trying to get help from the government for the continuous development of the island, anyone is still free to experience this wonderful adventure, probably help out reserve the beauty of this island and save lives of the animals.