Dahilayan Adventure Park

Looks like summer is really coming. Have you thought of any activity youíre going to explore this season? Well if not, make sure you can come up a list and include Dahilayan Adventure Park. It is the Longest Dual Zipline in Asia, merely 4,700 feet above sea level. It is located at the Barangay Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich Bukidnon. The place offers so many activities and attractions such as, Skytower Base Jump, 320MT plus 150 MT Zipline, Dropzone 120 ft and Freefall Ride these are just a few you can try on. Also, enjoy the awesome breeze and surrounding views of the park. It is like a little Baguio, from the pine trees and the cool breeze of air that touches your skin, truly a refreshing one.

Donít waste any time this summer! Be sure you have a memories to keep :)