Famous Filipino Dessert: Halo-Halo

Summer has just begun and Iím sure everybodyís looking for a way to beat the heat. Apart from the exciting getaways and road trips, thereís this one treat everybody just canít get enough of Ė the Halo-Halo.

Halo-halo not known to the other countries is one of the favorite dessert of Filipinoís, in English translation means mix-mix and rightly so. This dessert is a mixture of different varieties of sweets, such as read beans and chick peas, shreds of sweetened bananas, sugar palm fruit (kaong), chunks of jackfruit (langka), gelatin, tapioca pearls, coconut meat (macapuno), and nata de coco; topped with chunks of cream caramel flan (leche flan), purple yam (ube) and a scoop of ice cream (ube, cheese or mango flavor) poured with evaporated, milk and crushed ice. The sight of a tall glass filled with a layer of colorful and tasty ingredients is just too enticing to resist. Whether young or old, a foodie or a sweet tooth, halo-halo will surely leave one asking for more.

There has been variations of this dessert. Aside from having the regular ingredients, others upgrade it to a more savory flavor adding some strawberries, extra milk and etc. Donít miss the chance to try Halo-halo on your own, itís really worth to eat.