Fitness Goals - Equipment and Accessories

Gym Ball (Blue) with Free Non Slip Yoga Exercise Mat 68" x 24"
Improve posture and balance
Stabilize spine, slim hips and waist
Sculpt and define abs, arms and legs
Strengthen muscles, shape body and burn fat
Price: ₱ 599.00
Before ₱ 1,399.00, You save 57%

Use Corded and Cordless Skipping Ropes Sport Fitness Bodybuilding Jumping Ropes with Digital Counter Exercise Weights
Timer mode: If you set exercise time, LCD display the time remained 
Count mode: Shows how many times you have jumped 
Calorie mode: Display the calorie burned
Price: ₱ 798.00
Before ₱ 1,472.40, You save 46%

Fisca 1 Pair EVA Aquatic Exercise Dumbells Barbells Fitness Equipment Swimming Pool Exercise Water Aerobics(Green)
Material:EVA Foam
Higher Resistance Dumbbells
A Good Helper for Water Exercise
Low Water Absorption
Price: ₱ 912.00
Before ₱ 2,499.00, You save 64%

New Balance Power Fitness Machine
Compact abdominal crunch exercise machine 
Helps you slim and tone your midsection
Works abs, obliques and lower back all at the same time
Power coils assist you on the way up and provide resistance on the way down
Padded seat and back rollers cushion you for a comfortable workout
Folds flat for easy storage
Price: ₱ 1,199.00
Before ₱ 2,999.00, You save 60%

Aerobic Step 70cm
Material: PP
Nonslip surface
Develop and maintain a firm, sculpted body
Ideal for gym or home aerobic step
Price: ₱ 1,150.00

Whyus 5Pcs Gym Exercise Expander Vertical Jump Resistance Bands Set Fitness Equipment
This jump Trainer increases muscular balance, vertical and horizontal leaping ability, helping you perform better in any sport
Increase lower body dynamic strength by adding resistance to drills and training workouts
It also improves posture and prevents injuries
Soft latex and rubber materials for comfort&easy&safety use
Adjustable belt fits most waist sizes
Ankle Straps
Price: ₱ 1,049.00
Before ₱ 1,259.00, You save 17%

Professional Keeping Fit 300CM Length Adjustable Sport Jumping PVC Rope Skipping Fitness GYM Training Jumping Cardio Workouts Mastering Double Unders Skipping Rope Black
Rope length:300cm/118 inches,3M/9.8ft Adjustable Rope & Versatile Fitness Tool
Burn Calories & Workout.
PVC high strength rope skipping strong and durable,solid
When skipping rope, do not circle the rope,not tie,not knot,suitable for all kinds of fancy rope skipping
Rope length adjustable,suitable for different height,different ages people
Thick sponge, easy to absorb sweat, exercise more comfortable, prevent the hand sweat too much handle slips hand.
Price: ₱ 499.46
Before ₱ 2,136.90, You save 77%

AB Rocket Twister
Abdominal chair designed to work upper abs, lower abs, and obliques
Backrest includes padded massage rollers that pivot with your body
Padded swivel seat twists and turns with your lower abs for core strengthening
Price: ₱ 1,399.00
Before ₱ 3,000.00, You save 53%

Granmerlen 38" Training Mini Bouncing Trampoline
High Quality 
Easy to Assemble
38 inches
Family friendly 
Both adults and children can join in the fun and reap the benefits
Removable Legs
220 lbs weight limit
Price: ₱ 2,199.00
Before ₱ 2,999.00, You save 27%

Power Stretch Roller Total Body Exerciser with Training Massage Foot Twister Trimmer Board
Reduce Your Waistline
Burn Off Excess Calories
Slims,Trims & Tones Abdominals,Waist,Arms.
Instant weight loss
Personal sauna to use in the comfort of home
Sweat away unwanted body and fat fast
Price: ₱ 662.99
Before ₱ 3,000.00, You save 78%