GMY Spiral Potato Slicer - Make Your Own Spiral Potato On-Stick

Is it snack time already? Hmm... Who's thinking of having spiral potato on-stick? Yummy! So what now? Have to go out to the mall and buy one? OR how about creating one in the comfort of your home? Brilliant idea! The GMY Spiral Potato Slicer will make it possible for you in a much easier and fun way possible. Affordable yet very handy. Check it out!
  • This is one of the best products to make tornado spiral sliced potatoes.
  • A good strong  heavy duty metal base with rock solid suction cup
  • 304 Stainless steel blade, food grade.
  • Light weight, easy and fun to use and can also be use to make spiral sliced apple. 
  • You can start a potato stand and give your party a different twist!
Price: ₱ 479.99
Before ₱ 950.00, You save 49%