Historical Places


Intramuros is a latin word meaning “Within the Walls” others called it “Ciudad Murada or Walled City”. Known as the oldest historical spot of Manila popular for its three mile long trail of monumental rock stone walls that covers the entire region. The place brings back the Spanish atmosphere that history lovers do appreciate. There are a lot of activities you can do here like visiting the church and its historical landmarks.


“The Rock” as they called, is a small island located at the Manila bay. During the invasion of Japanese soldiers this place serves as fortress and headquarters of the Allied Forces of Filipino and American soldiers and as the seat of Philippine Commonwealth government. Well, that was before, but now it is one of the main attractions of those people who value and cherish freedom and peace. The damages seen on buildings, tunnels and structure have much to say in it. Many lives were sacrificed just to attain the freedom that Filipinos have now.


The famous phrase “I shall return”by none other than General Douglas McArthur. As he promised to the Filipino’s to come back and help them win against the Japanese colonies. It was on this site he landed armed with 700 ships containing 174,000 American soldiers at Red Beach, Palo, Leyte on October 20, 1944. Many tourist wouldn’t missed to visit this park knowing our ancestors fought for what we have freedom right now.