Ice Cream Magic Maker

Making an ice cream can be tricky sometimes but if you have a great ice cream maker with you that can help make this delicious treat in just a matter of minutes, then that's absolutely awesome I must say! This Ice Cream Magic Maker is such a cute and simple home appliance that's super easy and convenient to use. This machine is such a perfect product to own especially on a hot summer season.

Make the ice cream flavor of your choice and it'll be ready in just a few minutes or so. 
The basic ingredients are:
Fresh milk 
and press the power button! The Ice Cream Magic Maker will the do its thing.  
  • Ready in just 3 minutes
  • Use any flavor
  • Makes low fat and sugar-free ice cream
Price: ₱ 499.00
Before ₱ 599.00, You save 17%