Jump over the Thorns

Long before IPad, Cellphone, PlayStation and Wiis there were games suitably can be played just around the corner. One of the famous native street games of children in the Philippines is the “Luksong Tinik". It involves jumping over a fence made from the other player’s hands and feet. The mechanics is just so simple, each team must have “Nanay” which stands as their leader. Two players serve as the base for “tinik” or thorns with their feet together. A starting point is set by all the players, giving ample space for the players to achieve a higher jump in order not to hit nor touch the feet of the other team. After the successful jump made by the first team, the difficulty will increase by putting base players hands on top of their feet making it high and difficult to jump over. And if then they succeed again a new level of difficulty is added. If one didn’t successfully pass from the previous height, here comes the “Nanay” the leader need to redeem the other player by jumping again the barrier and if he/she didn’t make it, the team exchange in place and the games starts anew.

It’s pretty much enjoyable to play with, no materials needed it can just be played outside the house. Kids on provinces do enjoy it the most.