Laguna Copper Plate Inscription (LCI)

One of the earliest historical document in the country and also the only pre-Spanish discovered so far in the Philippines. This small object was found in 1989 near the mouth of Lumbang River which measures 7 x 12 inches when it is rolled. It was Mr. Antoon Postma, a Dutch national who helped decipher the inscription. As they investigate the plate, later they found out that LCI was written in “Kavi” an old Javanese writing and the language was a combination of Old Tagalog, Javanese, Malay and Sanskrit. 

This piece is even more surprising the fact that it represents a legal document called suddhapattra which in today’s context is a receipt for payment of debt. According to Postma’s interpretation the document stated that the debt of gold amounting to one kati and eight swarna which is equivalent to 865g owned by Namwaran and was cancelled, and the document is given to Angkatan, his daughter.