Lake Sebu’s Seven Falls Zipline

Lake Sebu is known for its majestic waterfalls floating in the highlands of South Cotabato Mindanao Philippines. It is a place wherein you can relax and unwind with its cool climate, fresh forests and sound deadening lake. Labeled as the Summer Capital of Southern Mindanao and is compared in terms of temperature to Tagaytay City. The prime activity of this place is to do “falls hopping”, there are 7 of which you can see and discover. Namely, Hikong Alo (passage falls), Hikong Bente (immesurable falls), Hikong B'Lebel (zigzag falls), Hikong Lowig (booth falls), Hikong K'Fo-I (wild flower falls), Hikong Ukol (short falls) and Hikong Tonok (soil falls), it’s their T’boli names. Two among of this falls are easily accessible (Hikong Alo and Hikong Bente) while for the rest requires some trekking. In order to see the whole beauty of the falls, you must ride in a Zipline, it passes above the whole waterfalls.

Of all the zipline rides in the Philippines, Lake Sebu has been the most scenic and breathtaking place ever!