Legit Inventions by Filipino Geniuses

Philippines is a country rich not only with nature's love but also talented and genius people. Not all of us may know but there are great inventors in our country and below are the following: (Legit Inventions by Filipino Geniuses)

1. YOYO - Inventor: Pedro Flores

2. Medical Incubator - Inventor: Fe del Mundo

3. Banana Catsup - Inventor: Maria Orosa y Ylagan

4. Quick Ink - Inventor: Francisco Quisumbing

5. Erythromycin - Inventor: Abelardo Aguilar

6. Patis/Fish Sauce - Inventor: Aling Tentay

7. 16-Bit Microchip - Inventor: Diosdado Banatao 

8. Modular Housing System - Inventor: Edgardo Vazquez

9. Videophone (a device for the hearing impaired) - Inventor: Gregorio Zara

10. Karaoke Machine - Inventor: Roberto del Rosario