Manunggul Jar

Is one of the remarkable artifact that can be found in Manunggul Cave, Lipnun Pt., Quezon Palawan Philippines. It was discovered in the early 1960ís by Victor Decalan. It is believed to be the early practices of burial by the ancient Filipinos. As you can see in the photos there two human figures in a boat. It represents an expedition to the afterlife. One boatman is holding the steering paddle while the other puts his hands crossed on his chest. This portrayal of the hands simply means arranging a corpse in proper position, itís done not just in the Philippines but also in the Southeast Asia countries.

The burial jar which is unrivaled and well acknowledge, to be one of the finest Philippine pre-colonial artworks ever created in the country. Denoted as a national treasure by the National Museum of the Philippines, made only from clay and sand soil.