Bulkang Mayon or Mount Mayon is known to be an active stratovolcano in the Philippine Province of Albay, rising to 2462 m. It is a perfect cone shape as you can see in the picture below. Travelling to the place, you must seat next to window to get a closer view before landing. From the airport itself you can take many pictures as you want but still it is nicer to get up close to the Mt. Mayon. You have two options on getting really up close to the area, either you hike or ride the ATV. The comfortable oneís obviously is riding an ATV that will took you 3 hours of sitting, itís quite challenging for beginners to do the riding but donít worry your guide is there to help you out. It is a fun experience after all. Donít forget to take pictures along the way. Once you get on the Mt Mayon view, the whole ride is worth it. Truly a majestic masterpiece in the Philippines. As the saying goes the closer you get the nicer it gets and only Mt. Mayon can prove this.