Nisaetus Philippensis

As seen in the picture you might already know what it is. Itís the famous Philippine Hawk Eagle, its dark brown and have long crest which have wide black feathers. It belongs to a species of bird of prey, so called Acciptridae family.  This hawk eagle is endemic to Philippines and usually lives in forest with resinous trees. This wild life is one of a kind in the Philippines thatís why they treasured it the most.

Detailed Description:
  • Size of hawk eagle is about 65-70 cm with long crest of 4-5 feathers protruding from its crown 
  • The plumage parts is dark brown, and the tail is striped with 4-5 darker, narrow bands
  • The head and underparts are reddish-brown with black streaking, with a whitish throat 
  • The wings are broad and rounded
  • Length: 50-63 cm
  • Wingspan: 105-125 cm
  • Weight: 1-.1-1.2 gg
Areas such as Mt Isarog and Makiling National Parks, Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park and Bataan Natural Park, Mt Apo Natural Park and Mt. Malindang in Mindanao, etc. issued conservation measures to make sure these wild life creature are well protected.