Nostalgia Electrics Double Ice Cream Maker

  • Make up to 2 flavors at the same time 
  • Make two 16oz mugs of ice cream at the same time 
  • Includes two lids for mugs
  • Dessert ready in just 20 minutes
  • Add toppings with the topping and flavor funnel
PRICE: ₱ 3,999.75
Before ₱ 4,999.00, You save 20%

This awesome machine can make luscious soft and creamy ice cream at a time. Get to enjoy 2 variations of homemade ice cream flavors in just a matter of minutes. This double-barreled ice cream maker features distinctive styling and two 16-ounce mugs.

How to use: 
1. Choose the ingredients/flavors of your choice and let it sit inside the mug.
2. Place the mugs in the freezer to chill them down (about 6 hours) 
3. Finally, let the machine work.