Palm Wine

Palm wine is an alcoholic beverage created from the sap of various species of palm tree. It is almost available in the Asian countries. Gladly Philippines has its own Palm Wine or locally known as Tuba. It is made from fermenting the sap of the coconut flower. The sap is taken from the coconut and put in a container, after a few days sediment develops on the bottom of it. The liquid is separated from the sediment which is discarded. The process is then repeated until the Tuba reaches basically the desired taste and form. In rural areas, it is there form of beverages which has a stinging sweet and bittersweet taste. Itís just cheap and at the same time appealing to their flavor.

If you are new to a province donít miss the chance to sip just a little bit of it. You might want to replace your kind of beverage after if you tasted it.