Pedicab or locally known as “padyak” is a three-wheeled, human powered mechanical vehicle. It is

another means of transportation in the Philippines. Others may term this cycle rickshaw, bikecab, cyclo and etc. It is used throughout the South, East and Southeast Asia countries.

What makes it interesting is that these things are free to run, quiet, pollution free, minimal maintenance and low cost of investment. It is made up of a bicycle attached to sidecar so that people can seat with it or when vendors selling they’re goods. In some remote areas in the Philippines it’s their means of living.

The origin of the word “pedicab” is it’s a pedal powered by a cab. Only best in flat terrain and only good for short distance travel, remember that. 

When you have the chance to visit the Philippines this might be one of the things you want to try. It’s rare, very cheap and it’s a fun experience.