Philips Avent Combined Baby Food Steamer and Blender

"Mother's knows best!" That's what they always say, and I bet all mothers out there are clapping their hands off right now :) There is no doubt that Mothers only wishes what is best for their babies and food literally comes on the top list at that. What babies need are nutritious healthy food like vegetables and fruits, giving your young one exactly what they need growing up. Babies can hardly chew their food and as a parent what we want is for them to ingest his/her food smoothly. The two-in-one machine like Philips Avent Combined Baby Food Steamer and Blender will give assurance that your child gets the optimum nutrition they need.

Steaming softens and cooks food in a way that it preserves the nutrients and texture, which will otherwise be lost if cooked in a stove top. Softer food is easier to blend or turn into baby food, which is perfect if your child still can’t chew solid food. Use the Philips Avent Baby Food Steamer and Blender to first soften fruits, vegetables, and even meat and fish, by steaming it. In the same container, you can blend them all to make baby food if you want. The container/measuring cup also doubles as serving cup, so you only need to clean up a few parts after use. And you’ll definitely want to use it again and again, thanks to its compact design.

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  • Age: 6 months and above
  • Material: BPA free
  • Colour: white/green
  • Capacity: 800 (solids)/450 (liquids) ml

Price: ₱ 7,699.00
Before ₱ 10,999.00, You save 30%