Recovering From A Break-Up

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via Flickr

All of us goes through the tough cycle of life: meet someone new, get to know them, become lovers, -- then the unfortunate event comes before you know it -- break-up. Because of this vicious phase, it's inevitable that we turn bitter and somewhat hopeless. But if you come to come to think of it, you can always turn the page and discover a new part of your story: a new beginning. 

Change is always better

I also mean that literally. Remove the mementos and remembrances that make you think about the past. It's up to you -- give it to charity, throw them away, and for more drama, you could always burn them. 

Rearrange your things, rearrange your whole room, change the position of the usual things that surround you. Revamp your wardrobe, go for a bold, new haircut. Not only will it make your thinking a whole lot different, but changing everything -- from your room to your look -- will definitely help you to rediscover yourself.

Seek the comfort of your friends and family

You don't have to do this yourself. That's what friends and family are for, they can help you pull yourself together at the toughest of times. They may not fully understand your situation, but a good talk from the people you love the most is a big factor if you want to move on.

Feel good

Feel good and find comfort yourself. Watch an awesome feel-good movie, eat a tub of ice cream, let the warm sheets devour your cold body and savor the moment. You can always count on visual entertainment and good food when it comes to these times. Rest from your diet for now, it's okay.