Ridiculous Signs That You're In Love <3

Love is a strong feeling most of us wishes to have... When talking about love, there comes a various of stories that reflects how this feeling is being dreamt of by many and how some are terrified to even think about it. With love, comes heartaches, disappointments, etc... But  have it ever occurred to you how love touches our lives and got us thinking: "Am I In Love?"

If you're officially with someone right now and just the thought of saying that "L" word leaves you officially doubtful, maybe you would like to consider these absolutely ridiculous signs that might mean you're in love:

1. Whatever you do, everything seems to remind you to think about him/her

2. You never consider a wasted time with him/her, every minute counts and even a 2-minute talk with him/her on the phone is enough to complete your day.

3. You're willing to sacrifice something for him/her. It's like having a relationship against all odds and yet you're still standing tall with him/her.

4. You always find time to spend with him/her. Despite having a busy schedule, you see to it that today's going to be special. If you're in a long distance relationship, having the time to facetime him/her or perhaps a 5-minute call just to check up on him/her is something you wish to do at all times - not feeling it as a burden!

5. You catch up his/her jokes. Even a silly statement that's not even making any sense just seems to be the funniest thing ever! You love to see his/her smile, hearing his/her laughs are the best music you could ever hear.

Have you ever felt such signs? Well, happy to say that "lucky you" already found that SOMEONE you are deeply IN LOVE with. :)