SORBETES on a hot day!

Sorbetes or dirty ice cream is the traditional ice cream version of the Philippines. The ingredients were homemade and came from different fruits. The history of it began during the occupation of the Americans where American ice cream made in the Philippines used water buffalo’s milk instead of cow’s milk. It is cheaper and is readily available at those times. Today, due to the influence of western countries flavors like cookies and cream, mocha, strawberry, hazel nut and etc. are also prepared by many local sellers.

Sorbetero is the term applied to the ice cream vendor, the ones you see in the street with painted wooden carts that usually can accommodate three flavors, each in large metal canister. People notice them through the bells ringing each time they walk around the corner. They don’t have permanent area like any other businesses. They do held private parties for it, usually kids are the most fan of this food.

Wondering how the name came up to such “dirty ice cream”? Many told that it was from a mother’s warning to a child that they should refrain buying street foods because it’s not safe for them to eat it. Furthermore, the vendor never usually wear gloves when selling it. Yet, it’s not really a big issue, cones are wrapped in napkins so the vendor does not touch the food with his bare hands. 

Kids of all ages and even adults are still hooked into this food. Why? Obviously, it is a great afternoon treatment for the Filipino’s in a fair weather.