Spectacular Things To Do At Unspectacular Moods

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via Flickr

Nobody wants to be in a bad mood. But of course, it's inevitable for humans -- and animals alike! Fortunately, there's tons of stuff you could do to bring out the sunshine inside you once again.


Its okay to feel furious every once in a while, but not on a long period of time.

*Clean the whole house; anger makes you strong to move furniture!
*Throw pillows on the wall
*Play loud music and dance to it
*Take a cold shower
*Play video games
*List your problems on a paper and contemplate on it
* ..then rip it apart


Ahh, the worst feeling of all. 

*Medidate; focus on your breathing. Do this for at least 10 minutes
*Listen to relaxing music
*Take a walk
*List your anxiety-inducing things
*Take a hot bath
*Talk to a trusted friend/family