Top 5 Most Popular Party Games in the Philippines

Newspaper Dance

What you need: Newspaper and a music

A group of 5-6 pairs can play this game. Every player must dance as the music plays and when it stops, the players must hurriedly step inside the newspaper. The newspaper will then be folded into tiny folds until 1 pair finally wins!

Longest Line

What you need: Anything that the players have/wears

Players will be grouped by 8-10 (depends), there will be a time limit for this game, and the group with the longest line until the time is up wins!

Bring Me

Players is unlimited for this game, anyone in the party can totally join. The host will say what certain thing to bring (it can also be a person) and the first person to hand it over wins!

Trip to Jerusalem

 What you need: Chairs

This is played by arranging the chairs in circle. If you have 6 players the chairs must only be 5. While the music is being played, players must circle around the chairs (dancing) and when the music stops, everyone must hurriedly sit on the chairs and the one left out standing will be eliminated, until 1 player reigns.

Coin in the Flour

What you need: Coin, Flour, Plate 
Place a coin in a plate and pour in a cup of flour as well. Mix it in. The person to play this game must blow on the plate of flour so he/she can get the coin. (He/she shouldnít use his hands)