Turumpo or TRUMPO to be exact is a native Filipino game popular way back in the 80’s. Turumpo is made of “bayabas”, “ipil” or “sampaloc” wood and the shape is a combination of half sphere on top and conical section at the bottom where the iron nail is attached. Approximately the body size goes from 4 to 6 cm with its nails 2 to 4 cm length. Playing with turumpo is manipulated using ”tyate”, 80 to 100 cm string to be swirled from nail tip to the half wooden body then throwing it in the ground. 

This game can be played by a group or individually either it is a duel game or just fairly an exhibition among of you friends. Exhibition goes in many forms and it will depends on how often you practice and master you are on the game. Top Targeting is all about duel among each players involved. The objective is to inflict damage on the opponent’s top, the player whose top receives the most damage eventually losses. Last Top Spinning is different, your main aim is to remain your turumpo spinning among with the others. It is simultaneously thrown in the ground with the rest of the players.

Well, today it is hard to see this game anymore with kids knowing there are online games or arcades and other technologies being developed.