Why Is It More Fun In The Philippines

It may look biased that I'm writing for my own country, but it doesn't hurt to be patriotic every once in a while. Besides, the Philippines is really an amazing country, and it's a must to explore its islands first before travelling outside the archipelago.

Here's a take on how a foreigner seems to love our nation.

Credits: Pommietravels

"The beaches…wow"

"With more than 7,000 islands and even more beaches, you’re really spoilt for choice in the Philippines. If you’re looking for blinding white sands and turquoise blue water, the Philippines has that and more. I only made it to Boracay this trip, but would love to go back and visit El Nido in Palawan. My favourite beach in Boracay was Puka Beach- it was paradise!"

"You can shop till you drop"

"If you like shopping, Manila has tons of enormous shopping malls, including Mall of Asia, Glorietta and Greenbelt Mall. My favourite is Greenbelt in the Makati district; who would have thought that the picture below was a shopping mall? It’s like a tropical jungle with lots of designer shops, and restaurants. There’s even a cinema here, so it’s a great place for an evening out."

"The Jeepney is so colourful!"

Ahhh the jeepney, the funniest looking mode of public transportation I have ever seen. Overcrowded and colourful, Jeepneys have become a national image of the Philippines. Jeepneys originally came from U.S military jeeps left over from World War 2. They were sold or given to the Filipinos, who then customised them with vibrant colours and reconfigured them so they could fit more passengers. To me, they’re a symbol of how fun the Philippines actually is."

"Manila is home to the best walking tour I’ve ever done"

"While in Manila you simply must do the Carlos Celdran Intramuros walking tour. It’s the best walking tour I’ve done anywhere in the world, and it will give you a fascinating insight into the history of the Philippines and Manila. Carlos Celdran is a fantastic storyteller with lots of character, and he brings the tour alive with funny jokes and props. It wasn’t just foreigners on the tour- there were lots of Filipinos who came along too."