15 Types of Passengers on a Philippine Jeepney

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Posted on August 26

Rappler/Raffy De Guzman
Rappler/Raffy De Guzman

By commuting every day, the jeepney is the most common to ride. And by that, you'll meet different kinds of people, like the Slippery Sleepyhead, the Chewbacca, the Wrecking Ball, and more annoying passengers in store.

Credits: www.rappler.com

1. The Frontrunner

"They run – to the front seat, of course. They love to secure the frontmost seat beside the driver as if it's a precious throne out for bidding. A notable species of The Frontrunner include those who jostle with fellow commuters just to win the highly coveted spot. 

"Sometimes I hate them, sometimes I don't. Why? Because sometimes I'm a jeepney Frontrunner, too."

2. The Takeaway Winner

"One of the most hyperactive passengers you'll ever meet in your entire commuting career. This type of commuter is so rare but once you fall victim, sorry na lang. First they excessively care to pass on your fare to the driver. But then, they will use your payment as theirs without you knowing it. 

"To avoid becoming a victim, simply shout "Bayad po!" (Here's the payment!) and maintain a posture of stretched arm until you make an eye contact with the driver so he will remember you and your payment."

3. The Slippery Sleepyhead

"This includes the workaholics, evening gamers, and insomniacs who suffer from lack of sleep. They can't resist dozing off. They give justice to the song “Lean On Me” for they use your shoulder as their instant pillow. Be watchful as some them unconsciously slide down onto your chest and onto your lap.

"An extreme version of the Sleepy Slippery is the one who loses grip of the hand bar, falls off, and tries to recover by clinging into an imaginary bar."

4. The Fishballer

"You know fishball, right? You get your balls of fishcakes and you dip it to the sweet sauce. This type of passenger likes to meddle into the affairs of others and to fish for the latest chismis (gossip), occasionally from their companions. They like to talk about colleagues, classmates, neighbors, and even someone else's horrible pet. They join in conversations of other groups uninvited."

5. The Wide Reader

"A subtle version of the Fishball Sauce. They love to watch you flip the pages of your textbooks. They peek at how you click and swipe your mobile device. They squint their eyes in an attempt to catch up with the text message you're typing or the love notes you're reading. Don't be surprised if one day they stop you from turning the pages of your book and say, "Wait lang, 'di pa ako tapos magbasa." (Wait, I haven’t finished reading yet.)"

6. The Device Manager

"Cellphone, tablet, music player—they have all of these. The Device Managers are the favorite prey of snatchers for they display their gadgets all at once. They have at least two mobile phones: one is for texting and calling friends, the other one used as a flashlight."

7. The Hairy Chewbacca

"The aspiring hair commercial model. I don't know if they intentionally untie their hair to flaunt their smooth tresses, or they're just so insensitive to notice how it hassles others. Doesn't it hurt to be slapped on the face with a head full of hair?

"Sometimes, even if you politely tell them to hold their hair, they just give you a sharp sneer in return. Chew 'em away!"

8. The Boy Wang-wang

"A huge fan of the phone's loudspeaker feature, Boy Wang-Wang plays intense music from his handset in maximum volume, without the headphones, so that everyone else can listen to it. They usually come as a posse of youth who have the same taste for music. If the sound is good, though, I can't stop my feet from tapping the floor."

9. The DIY Guru

"They don't like to pasa or abot the barya to manong driver. Whereas the Takeaway Winner is the most active, the DIY Guru tend to be passive. They are experts at ignoring the shaky hands of co-passengers. When you request "Makikiabot po," (kindly pass it on) they keep their poker faces with a cold "do-it-yourself" response."

10. The Para-noid

"They don't know where to say "Para!" (here!) Two sub-types of Para-noid include (1) those who don't know their exact destinations and (2) those who cannot seem to memorize the route even if they've been going it for ages. The former is forgivable, the latter can be a nuisance when they slow down the trip."

11. The Wrecking Ball

"If the driver says "Dosehan yan!" (There's space for 12!) or "Isa pa sa kanan!" (One more on the right!), the Wrecking Ball do their best to find that sweet spot. 

"If you think they cannot fit in, you're wrong. They are skillful in sliding their butts in tiny spaces and they have great balancing techniques to pretend they're well-seated when they're not." 

"Some Wrecking Ball forcefully secure their seats and all you can do is sing, 'You wre-ee-eck me!'"

12. The Chairman

"They are the masters of our seats, they are the captains of our soles. They act like they own the entire jeepney with the way they sit. They pay for one seat but the space they occupy is more than enough to accommodate two persons. They either sit slightly sideways or with legs wide open. They're the main reason why the Wrecking Balls run rampant."

13. The Venting Viper

"You know them very well. They're the ones who make the usual hissing sounds "Tss" or "Tsk" every time the jeepney makes a quick turn to refuel at a nearby gas station or when the driver stops at every street to load more passengers. I'm a Venting Viper at times, especially when I'm running late for work."

14. The Head-turner

"Have you ever seen the big protruding room light from the center of the jeepney's ceiling? It serves two purposes: to light the jeepney when it's dark, and to cause an accident involving those who forget to duck.

"Many passengers hit the solid bulb with their heads, usually before getting off the jeep. The sound is sometimes so loud that all passengers will turn their heads to them."

15. The Sweet Lover

"It's not the driver after all. Sweet Lover possesses all the ideal qualities of a responsible jeepney commuter. They always have a helping hand. They proactively pass on someone else's fare without being a Takeaway Winner; they assist kids and senior citizens in climbing up and down the jeepney; they help the Para-noid locate their stops; and they feel the pain of the Headturner."

Where to Buy Baking Supplies in the Philippines

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Posted on August 22

"There hasn’t been a single day where I haven’t craved for freshly-baked pan de sal in the morning, delectable frosted cupcakes, or melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chip cookies. I have to commend all of the home bakers and pastry chefs for this and for delighting my tastebuds with their mouthwatering, delicious pastries. As fun as baking might look, though (and it is!), it can be difficult to perfect. Based on experience, the best pastries are made by following the recipe well, execution the baking techniques properly (blending, mixing, etc.) and, lastly, using only the best quality ingredients available in the market.

"Quality ingredients are actually easy to find. They are mostly available in your local supermarkets and specialty stores, but are often too expensive. Cheap alternatives are affordable (especially items sold on streets), too. However, low quality can sometimes ruin an entire recipe, so you really need to invest in more expensive products to get the best quality possible. Would you believe me if I said that you can buy all of the ingredients for your recipes at a Divisoria price, but still has Class-A quality in a single store? Be sure to visit Top Chefs Food Supplies Inc. to find out."

Credits: www.wheninmanila.com
Grand opening of Top Chefs!
Grand opening of Top Chefs!

"Top Chefs is your one-stop shop for baking supplies, ingredients and equipment; chocolates:, food supplies: and packaging supplies at low prices but with superior quality. I got to witness their grand opening last June 8 at their first branch located just along Quezon Ave. We were warmly welcomed by Mr. Lawrence Wang, Owner/President of Top Chefs, to come inside their shop. Customers will surely enjoy their shopping experience at their air-conditioned, well- organized and clean store. The products are properly labeled with the price and expiration date indicated on each item, as well."

"From chocolates (in different colors and variants) to candies to cream to flour to food colourings and flavorings to different baking pans, chocolate moulds and various designed cupcake cups. It’s every baker’s heaven! :)"
Colorful candies!
Colorful candies!

Blocks of white, milk, dark and premium chocolate :D
Blocks of white, milk, dark and premium chocolate :D

"At first, I thought it was just a small baking supply shop at Quezon Ave, so I was surprised to hear that they had a second floor. Top Chefs is not exclusively for bakers and pastry chefs, either; but also to home cooks and restaurant owners. As for their second floor, shelves of savory ingredients and beverage items are available to the customers. Ingredients like pasta, condiments, spices, herbs, tea leaves and sauces can be found there."
2nd floor
2nd floor

"One of the programs at the grand opening included a cooking, baking and milk tea preparation class for the visitors and guests, which excited both me and my partner. F.Y. Sons Inc. started off the class by introducing their products and how to enhance your dishes using them. 

"I love their patis (fish sauce), which is made from beans and is much more flavourful. It has a better aroma compared to the regular patis with a distinct fishy smell, as well. First, they taught us how to make empanadas from scratch. They also taught us how to make pancit canton, loaf bread, cupcakes (and their frosting), amongst other things."

5 Awesome Ramens in Manila

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Posted on August 21

Craving for Japan's world-famous food? Here's 5 best ramens in Manila!

Credits: www.ourawesomeplanet.com


"RAMEN NAGI offers a gourmet version of ramen that is hailed as the best in Tokyo. It has been awarded the top spot in the National Ramen of the Year Competitions for the last two years (2011 and 2012). In Hongkong, the Ramen Nagi franchise is known as BUTAO, after its popular signature ramen, which Filipinos line up hours for just to get a taste. :) 

"Finally, Ramen Nagi has opened in Manila at the 5th Floor of SM Aura Premier. The Manila franchise is owned by Plains & Prints couple founders Roxanne and Erickson Farillas, together with Michael James Chua, Carissa Coscolluela, Enti Coscolluela, and Avi Siy-Chua."

RAMEN NAGI by Ramen Master Ikuta Satoshi 
5th Floor SM Aura Premier (Beside Yabu) 
2nd branch located in SM Mall of Asia 
Email: ramennagi.manila@gmail.com 
Facebook: Ramen Nagi Manila


"Ukokkei Ramen Ron serves the best shoyu ramen in town!"

Ukokkei. Tesoro Bldg. 822 A. Arnaiz Ave. (Pasay Road), Makati. 
In between Paseo de Roxas and Amorsolo St.


"RAMEN DAISHO offers ramen that may not only be familiar in name but also in taste. Daisho comes from a coined word meaning dai="big", sho="fly" or "fly high"."

RAMEN DAISHO UKOKKEI Unit 2, Sunshine Square, Liberty Center, 312 Shaw Blvd. Mandaluyong, Philippines 
Operating Hour: Open Daily 11:30 AM - 02:30 PM, 05:30 PM - 10:00 PM 
Telephone: +632 774-0036 
Facebook: Ramen Daisho


"IKKORFYU FUKUOKA RAMEN is a Tonkotsu ramen from Yamagoya Ramen of Japan, which has been around since 1970, specializing in Chikuho noodles. Their original store in Manila is in the East Wing of Shangri-La Mall, and a bigger branch has opened in SM Aura."

Level 5, Shangri-la Plaza East Wing, Shaw Boulevard cor. EDSA, Mandaluyong City
Telephone: +632 447-8333
Website: www.ikkoryu.ph 
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ikkoryuph 
Twitter: @ikkoryuph


"KICHITORA is ramen concept conceptualized by Filipino and Japanese partners, which opened their first branch in Shibuya Tokyo, subsequently in SM Megamall about a year ago and recently in Glorietta 5. Its name literally means “Lucky Tiger”."

KICHITORA, MAKATI 2nd Flr., Glorietta 5, Ayala Center, Makati City 
Telephone: +632 555-1288 
Email: info@kichitora.com 
Facebook: Kichitora of Tokyo 
Twitter: @KichitoraPH 
Website: http://kichitora.com/ 
KICHITORA, MANDALUYONG 2nd Flr., Mega Atrium, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City Telephone: +632 775-1100

The Most Hated Pinoy Celebrities

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Posted on August 20

Some of us Filipinos just can't stand local celebrities that are soooo darn annoying. And since they are, in fact, celebs, we know we'll see a lot of them.Since I'm full of rage today, why not put it to my advantage? Here's the top 5 most hated celebrities of all time.

Credits: 8list.com

#5 Ricky Lo

"Hated for: His awkward, cringe-inducing interview with Anne Hathaway. Yes, it’s been over a year, and people still refuse to let it go."
'AMUSED.' Ricky Lo says he found Anne Hathaway 'a bit rude' during his interview with her. Photo from the Ricky Lo Facebook page
'AMUSED.' Ricky Lo says he found Anne Hathaway 'a bit rude' during his interview with her. Photo from the Ricky Lo Facebook page

#4 Sharon Cuneta

"Hated For: Picking fights with haters on Twitter.

"Sure, it seems a bit beneath her to actually acknowledge people who are sending her hate messages on Twitter, but I think it’s high time we stopped expecting our celebrities to be role models all the time, too. If that doesn’t do the trick for you, there’s also the option of unfollowing her."

#3 Daniel Padilla

"Hated For: Ruining OPM. 

"Daniel Padilla can’t sing. There, I said it. But at no point did he go to my house, take all my APO cassettes, my Itchyworms CDs, or my Eraserheads reunion DVD, then proceed to burn all of it in my face. So no, he didn’t ruin OPM. My old favorites still exist, and I can listen to them instead anytime I hear his terrible voice pop up while having lunch in KFC."

#2 Charice

As we all know, Charice came out as lesbian. Yeah, we have no problem with that. But does the super trying-hard attitude need to come out as well? She's too OA in her shows. I liked the old down-to-earth Charice better.

#1 Marian Rivera

Yep, the best for last. Here are the comments about her from The Top Tens:

"She is very insincere and always pretends that she is kind. She is very selfish and is hated by a lot of people because she doesn't treat them well."

"She locks other actresses in the bathroom during tapings because of her fits of jealousy thinking they might steal her boyfriend!"

"She's annoying to the highest level. Pretty face is all that she has but no substance at all. She is fondly called tupperware or orocan. Haha. Arrogance is all over her body and mind, so pretentious and insecure. All her movies were flop and she's a certified flirt. Greedy well in fact she has proven nothing. People love to call her market because of her filthy mouth. So pathetic and no conscience at all for using charities just to improve her image. I just so hate her!"

The Best Filipino Restaurants

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Posted on August 19

Finding a restaurant with utterly good eats, and fine ambiance, and great customer service? If you want that all-in-one place, this list is for you! Let's go food hopping!

Credits: www.inflight.ph

FELY J’S KITCHEN Greenbelt 5, Makati City

"The restaurant features Filipino and Asian dishes. Must try are the piniritong hito or deep fried catfish served with balo balo (fermented rice), a Kapampangan delicacy; Bistek Tagalog ng Kano, thinly sliced US black Angus beef pan fried in olive oil, garlic, calamansi, onion rings and soy; Crispy Pata Bawang or the tastefully done deep fried pork leg served with a generous sprinkle of chopped fried garlic and special dipping sauce; and vegetables and shrimps in coconut cream; and for dessert, cassava bibingka with buko, homemade tapioca with young coconut. For drinks, there’s red or white wine by the glass, the very good Ising’s iced tea, and a wide selection of tea.

"Romantic and homey. Prominent features of the restaurant are the wall that’s a replica of the one found at the Cruz Family’s old home in Quezon City; the artworks of Abe, mostly of women; old photographs of Fely alone and with family and friends in carved wooden frames; and a photograph of the beautiful Fely at the entrance. There are two main dining halls and two function rooms that make up the dramatically-lit, sparsely-furnished interiors of Fely J’s Kitchen. This is an it place so it’s popular with local celebrities and politicians."
Fely J’s crispy pata bawang. Photo by Dane Soriano
Fely J’s crispy pata bawang. Photo by Dane Soriano

ARACAMA FILIPINO CUISINE Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

"The food at Aracama Filipino Cuisine, named after the chef behind the dishes, Chef Fernando “Ferns” Aracama, is a mix of Visayan and Filipino. Chef Sau particularly favors the pork sinugba or grilled pork of Aracama, while Chef Ferns recommends the kadyos or pigeon pea cooked with pork, young jackfruit and herbs; chicken inasal or barbecued deboned chicken marinated in tuba vinegar; fishballs, a Filipino street food, which Aracama makes using a better quality fish, less extenders and served with three dipping sauces; and the salpicao de casa, melt-in-your-mouth beef riblets, cooked for 24 hours, great as appetizer or with garlic rice. For dessert, try the Chocnut ice cream and the bunuelos served warm with homemade caramelized milk for dipping. For cocktails, there’s the MDA or Mojito de Aracama, a concoction of sugar cane juice, buko juice, muscovado syrup, buko meat, lime and mint leaves; Gin Pom using premium gin and fresh pomelo juice; and the mean drink Dirty Pierre made of gin and vodka and hot spices, a refreshing drink.

"Modern with subtle Filipino touches, mixing glass, lines and subdued pin lights, and accents like woven rattan on cushioned chairs and couches. The big dining tables evoke the feel of traditional komedores (dining rooms) where Filipino families dine. Lots of use for natural wood, including teak wood planks for the floor. Come sun down, the place transforms into a stylish party venue. An open air terrace overlooks the Bonifacio Global City Skyline."
Aracama Filipino Cuisine modern interior. Photo by Dane Soriano
Aracama Filipino Cuisine modern interior. Photo by Dane Soriano

ABE Serendra, Bonifacio Global City,Taguig City

"Chef Sau loves buro, a Kapampangan delicacy of fermented rice best paired with mustasa leaves and binukadkad na tilapia, a freshwater fish fried to perfection and an Abe specialty; gising gising, a spicy dish of sliced kangkong stalks and coconut milk; baby squid sautéed in garlic; and the to die-for morcon, a dish made of hashed pork, carrots and spices, topped with tomato-based sauce and spring onions.

"Modern Filipino, made personal by Abe Cruz’s memorabilia and family photographs. The entrance is adorned by a sketch of Abe, while its facing wall shows off his framed artist’s tools. There are several old blown-up photos along the ceiling, including a painting of Mt. Arayat in Pampanga, the Cruz’s hometown. The main dining space sits 60. An extension at the back of the restaurant has been opened recently, adding 50 more seats."
Abe’s interior is modern Filipino made personal using things that are Abe’s. Photo by Dane Soriano
Abe’s interior is modern Filipino made personal using things that are Abe’s. Photo by Dane Soriano

CHEF TATUNG Acacia Estates,Taguig City

"Dishes on the menu are Tagalog and Cebuano dishes. One of Chef Tatung’s signature dishes, and a must try, is the balbacua, a Cebuano dish — a cross between callos, a stew with beef tripe, chorizo, bell pepper and chickpeas, and kare-kare (peanut stew) — of ox trotters and knee caps slow cooked for 10-12 hours with ginger and star anise, together with black beans and peanut. His adobo sampler will give you a taste of not one but four styles of adobo — classic, Visayan, Batangas and Iloilo. One other item not to miss on Chef Tatung’s menu is the garlic and lemongrass-garnished honey-glazed lechon, slow roasted for six hours.

"The restaurant is a bungalow — a driveway leads to the warm facade with a welcoming porch — is furnished with traditional Philippine hardwood furniture and design pieces, including capiz windows, ventillas on the wall, old fashioned rectangular and round tables, and chairs made of Philippine hardwood, and Chef Tatung’s personal antique collections, handpicked paintings and photographs of the last woman tattoo artist of the Kalinga Tribe."
Chef Tatung’s wood-carved dining table and chairs. Photo by Dane Soriano
Chef Tatung’s wood-carved dining table and chairs. Photo by Dane Soriano

MILKY WAY CAFÉ Arnaiz Avenue, Makati City

"For the main course, Chef Sau recommends the lengua estofado or ox tongue asado, tenderized ox tongue cooked in tomato sauce with chopped olives and spring onions; tilapia cooked in miso soup (tilapia kulob); and homemade corned beef. For dessert, order the guinumis and mais con hielo, or their homemade ice cream. Try the avocado flavor. Other favorites are the crispy hito (catfish) with mustasa salad; baby crispy pata or suckling pig cooked to perfection; and for dessert — or merienda — the halo-halo. Milky Way Café started life in the 70s as an ice cream parlor, and expanded its offerings to include Filipino dishes, and has not looked back.

"No-frills casual café, furnished with simple white tables and wooden chairs accented by Filipino weaving, and a coffee and refreshment station. Function rooms can be booked for private events."
Dining at Milky Way is casual and easy. Photo by Dane Soriano
Dining at Milky Way is casual and easy. Photo by Dane Soriano